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Portfolio - Design/Templates

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Design - Site


Site development from a conceptual framework, site structure, layout, navigational and content elements, to the most applicable rendition involving database backend, scripting and web applications integration, based on site requirements and its intended target audience.

Although there is no lack of tools for all facets of site development available, the most efficient, precise and trouble-free coding process is still done by hand.

Design - Graphics


Following are some of the most frequently used graphic applications for web site components design:

  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Corel Paint
  • Flash
  • Blender

Programming/Scripting - CSS/XHTML


Almost a strict adherence to CSS/XHTML ruleset is not a religiously motivated, but necessitated by factors that provide the most flexible platform for site structure, maintenance and separation of content from design and layout components. If possible, solutions are sought to replace any layout component by its CSS/XHTML equivalent—whether they are image rollovers or a layout that would be ordinarily rendered using tables.

Programming/Scripting - PHP/Perl


PHP and Perl are used extensively as scripting platforms for many web applications. Not only for simple modifications of existing applications, but also for development of entirely custom-made applications that are required by the site specifications.

Backend is usually based on MySQL. Postgres is employed if its features can provide a better fit for the target application.

Programming/Scripting - Javascript


Javascript—whether developed from a scratch or modified from other source—is used when a site requires dymnamic features that are not possible to emulate by CSS/XHTML, or when it would be easier to deploy, instead of PHP/Perl scripting platforms. In some cases, a combination of several scripting platforms is necessary to provide the correct balance between client-side and server-side processing.

Customizing/Integration - eCommerce


There are many shopping cart applications available, whether off-the-shelf or open source, but osCommerce is used as a matter of course. Although custom made scripts were developed when required, the osCommerce provides an affordable tool that can be adapted in many ways.

Common modifications:

  • Payment gateways—Paypal, VeriSign, or other payment and financial instrument systems.
  • Layout—Integrating existing site layout or a template into the osCommerce

osCommerce provides and excellent basis for other modifications, whenever required.

Customizing/Integration - Forum/BBS


The following Forum/BBS applications can be modified to fit the site requirements:

  • Simple Machines, PHP/MySQL based forum script.
  • YaBB, Perl based script

If an older type of threaded script is desired:

  • W3BBS, Perl based script, very lightweight and lean, own original script.

Customizing/Integration - Blogs


Blog applications that are customizable almost with no limit:

  • Movable Type
  • WordPress
  • Customizing/Integration - CMS


    Content Management applications, modified and integrated as needed:

  • Drupal
  • Joomla
  • WordPress
  • Xoops
  • Custom CMS scripting, from a concept to a deployed application, based on CodeIgniter or phpCake.
  • SEO - Optimization


    Search engine optimization and maintenance—it does not involve only a submission to numerous search engines, which is rather a trivial, albeit somewhat time consuming matter. The target of the optimization is the best fit for the target audience—so the site or its parts can be found near the top of major search engines listings, using all the facilities for rendering of a desired prime spot, even these mysterious tools that are publicly undisclosed. Maintenance is a necessary part of the optimization, as rules do change from time to time.

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